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Minnetonka, MN
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Advertise in Minnetonka for the

2020 Summer and Fall Seasons!


Support the community, celebrate baseball/softball and advertise your business or non-profit by reserving your space today!


Your ad will be seen by hundreds of players/teams and their families.  In addition to the Minnetonka teams, Bennett's fields will also host tournaments throughout the year well into fall 2020.


  • Minnetonka youth families spend a lot of time playing and practicing at Bennett Family Park.

  • Minnetonka boasts favorable demographics for many businesses.

  • Cost effective way to reach a large number of families in the west metro.


  • Advertising opportunities include:

    • Company banner advertising in various areas of the ballpark
    • Website recognition and link back to your business website
    • Field Scoreboard advertising
    • Concession area advertising
    • Outfield advertising
    • Premium dugout banners
    • On site promotions for your company


Discounts are available for multi-year contracts.

Scoreboard spots and Organization Banners are on site all season including the regular season, practices and tournaments for spring/summer, fall baseball, softball and Miracle Field games.  Your message will also appear on our website as home/visiting teams look for directions and field locations.  See the bottom of our webpage for number of visitors.


For more information, call Grant Fjosne at 952-893-7969 or email at grant.r.fjosne@ampf.com.




Thank you for your support!